My Relationship with My Parents

Let’s see… My relationship with my parents is not what is like it to be but getting there. I can choose to dwell on the past or accept it and move on. 

My parents are good grandparents who would do anything for their grand kids. I also know they did the best they could and that’s all any of us can do really. I love my parents. I am thankful for them not handing me things growing up. I was taught to stand on my own two feet and work hard. I am most thankful for all of the opportunities they put in front of me like Going to camps, Europe, sports, clubs, and that they took us camping so often. Those things really shaped who I am today and a lot of parents do not give those gifts to their children. I am also thankful that they gave me 3 amazing siblings to grow old with. My parents are fun, funny, and very giving. They have a lot of friends. I love that. They really created a stable home for us and taught us how to face life. I find myself asking them a lot of questions now about homesteading type things. I think it’s amazing that they are still together. They just celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. I am happy for them that they are so happy together. That alone is something to be envied.

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