Making My Home Mine

*Since this post, our home actually burned down. God has now blessed us with an amazing, new home that is all ours. Check out

I was pondering on what to write about tonight. I guess something that really bothers me, being in a blended family, is that my home just does not fully feel like mine. I’m not sure it ever will because I will always know that I wasn’t the first wife to inhabit it. There are some things though that can make it feel more like mine. I decided then to do more of a picture blog tonight.

I quit using all chemicals (slowly but surely) officially two years ago I’d estimate. That means I make my own laundry detergent, deodorant, shampoo, lotions, cleaning products, etc. Therefore, chemicals do not touch my kids and do not reside in my air. I am also big on plants. I love houseplants! They make me happy but they also clean our air. We live in Michigan so most of the year, our windows have to be closed. So I bring the outside in. I use essential oils for air fresheners.

I’m super artistic so I love my own artwork as well as my children’s artwork posted around the home.

I love quotes and inspirational Bible verses. I feel like they’re a great reminder of things I want to remember anyway. So I put them all over my house.

I love taking photos and looking at photos of good times. I also think that it’s a positive thing for the kids to constantly be reminded that they belong in this family and that we have had so many great times as well.

I am a big fan of bright, bold colors! (Although I HATE yellow- that was not my doing.)

That’s it. short and sweet. I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of my home. Please comment on ideas you have for making a house a home. Have a blessed day!

House Plants to Clean your Air

4 thoughts on “Making My Home Mine”

  1. Hi Julie!
    I too, couldn’t make my (old) house, my home. My husband and his former wife (deceased) bought that house together. He didn’t want to sell the home initially because his adult children (who were not currently living there anymore) asked him not to. So instead, he gave me a huge allowance and told me to make the house my own and it would then be our home. I agreed. New carpet, new paint, granite counter tops, new decor. It was beautiful and all me!! But…it still was not my home! He saw how it made me feel and surprised me with a realtor! We have since sold and purchased OUR home together!!!! <3 Probably not what you wanted to hear, but sometimes the truth hurts. I love you girl!!!

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