Five Ways to Keep the Peace

The alarm went off at 5:45 today. I don’t have to work so I lay there a couple of minutes and ask God to guide me in my words and actions and to help me be productive today and to help me walk in love. My feet touch the floor and I’m off. Two kids wet the bed so the house is filled that amazing smell. I go to get one load of bedding in the wash but oh wait my oh-so-helpful hubby put a load of wash in before he left for work so I have to put that in the dryer first. Two of the boys are in the bedroom fighting. I tell them to get dressed. I do before and after school care so three extra kids arrive. I get breakfast on the table for all seven kids. One won’t eat because he doesn’t like what I made. I feel slightly guilty. I had the dishwasher cleaned out but of course no one used it. So now I have a sink full of dirty dishes. My ten-year old, Hailey, is wearing leggings as pants again. I tell her to put on a longer shirt or change the bottoms. She has a meltdown. Is this really what I went to college for?

It’s like a whirlwind around me. Complete chaos could consume me if I let it. Deep breaths. “Mom, can you sign my agenda?” Why did he not ask me this last night? Ugh! I say “Goodbye, have a great day!” To my (step)kids with no response as normal. I notice Hailey forgot her lunch so I chase her down the driveway. The first group of kids are off to school. The other four kids go to a different school and so they finish getting ready and out the door. My oldest son, Malachi, gives me a long hug and says “Bye mom, I love you so much!”. I take in the embrace, take a deep breath and know that I’m doing something right. Thank you, Jesus, I needed that.

This was a good morning. I love hearing the little conversations and guiding their young minds. They are my world. I walk through the house like normal to find clothes on the floor in the bedroom, toothpaste in the sinks, splatters on the mirror, and more clothes next to the laundry basket. It must’ve been too much work to actually put them in. But, hey, that’s what I’m here for right?

Five Ways to Keep the Peace:


  1. Don’t think about the small things. My peace comes from above. Deep breathes. Even while I’m washing peed sheets AGAIN or feel like it’s pointless to remind the babies yet again to please rinse out the sink. Those are small things. One day I will probably miss these mornings.


2. Seek Him early. I’ve tried getting up even earlier to seek Him first. I can’t tell you how many New Years Resolutions involved that goal. It just doesn’t work for me. I do, however, talk to Him first. Before my feet touch the ground I ask for help because I know I can’t do it myself. As soon as the kids leave (on the days I don’t work) that’s when I get my devotions done. I know I need Him. I was a mess without Him! So every day looks a little different but I’m ok with doing anything to help me grow. Some days that’s 10 minutes and some days it ends up being three hours.


3. Don’t worry about tomorrow. This is probably one of my favorite verses. Today definitely has enough trouble of its own. Pray about it. Be wise. But don’t worry. If we worry we aren’t walking in faith. God already has tomorrow handled, mom. Just focus on today and let Him do His job.


4. Don’t worry about anything for that matter. Be thankful even! In the midst of the chaos I am thankful that even if I don’t want to get groceries, I can. My kids might not always remember to pick up their clothes but they’re healthy. I might not want to clean the house but I have a house to clean. Gratitude can change your attitude. Find things to be thankful for.


5. Aim to be the best you for your family. This is a lot. The Proverbs 31 woman seems perfect. None of us are perfect. But there’s only one you and you’re made that way for a reason. With the Lord’s help you can do this! Always put Him first. Be a good example to your kids and demonstrate what you want them to be. Walk in love even when you feel like screaming. Continuously feed your mind. Never quit learning. Take breaks because you need them! You can’t help anyone else unless you’re healthy first.







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