Five Things That Would Make Me Smile Right Now!

Is this like a genie in a bottle like post or does it have to be realistic? Does the question mean “happy” or “joyful” because there is a difference. Ha ha I think I think too much. (Did you catch that?) okay, I’m keeping it simple.

  1. If my house was spotless I’d be happy. Temporarily. I go through this about once every couple months. I give up. I give up on the house because it’s such a thankless job and, frankly, I might be the only one who wants it as clean as I keep it anyway. But after about 3 days I can’t take the filth and it makes me so crabby that I give in and clean it again just for everyone to come home and mess it up. I’ve never hired someone to clean my home in my life but, today, I am considering it. I don’t because chances are pretty good that they won’t do it up to my neat-freak standards. Okay, rant over. After this blog guess what I’ll be doing? Ahem… Cleaning.
  2. A stimulating conversation. Really. A deep conversation about anything that matters with someone who can think outside the box. If you read this, coffees on! Come on over!
  3. Working in my flower garden. If you wonder to yourself why I don’t just go do it then- refer to # 1.
  4. Hanging out with my sister. I miss her.
  5. Leaving on any trip with my boys. Going anywhere new makes me happy.

These are not written in order of importance. Okay, okay I’m signing off to go clean- or maybe to go to the greenhouse (wink, wink). Have a good day y’all!

By the way, if you read this all the way to the bottom would you mind leaving a comment on my blog (not on Facebook). Let me know the number one thing that would make you happy right now. It’s part of the blog challenge and I get more points for likes and comments than just readers and visitors. Ok for real now- I gotta go play in my flowers. I mean clean my house.

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8 thoughts on “Five Things That Would Make Me Smile Right Now!”

  1. It makes me happy to hear someone else share my love, or do I say dislike, of cleaning. And yet, I can’t stand to leave it messy. Kids and husband don’t care what it looks like and that drives me crazy. You and I think the same, friendπŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ I love to read your blog!!

    1. Thanks girl! …I can rant but I try to remember we’re blessed to have a home to clean and the health to do it right? (Ahem, did that make you feel better? It did me a little.)

  2. Drinking a cup of coffee and catching up with you would make me happy right now πŸ™‚ might not happen soon, but who knows? But I can follow your life through your blog or Facebook posts, and I like that. I really enjoyed staying with you and your family back then and if you just want to “talk”/write, I will always find time for you. Miss you!

    1. I would LOVE to be sitting in the same room with you too! But thanks to social media we can keep in touch. You will always be my other sister 😘

  3. I’d definitely be happy right now if laundry would just fold and put itself away – in my neurotic way of course, where outfits are kon Mari folded together including pajamas! 😜

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