Five Things I’m Passionate About

There are certain things that just set our hearts on fire with a holy anger or a passion that God plants in you in order to fulfill His purpose in your life. Here’s a couple of mine.

The first is instilling in my children the fear of God. If I would’ve known as a child how much power I had in Christ over my thoughts alone- I could’ve avoided years of agony. If we don’t teach our children what to believe, think, and speak, someone else will. But if they know who they are they will have the confidence to overcome peer pressure and societal pressure. It is my job as a mother to equip my babies to live in the world but not be of the world.

Another thing I’m passionate about is children in third world countries. Not the ones who are just poor but safe, loved, and fed. But the ones who are living in war zones, scared all the time, starving, can’t go to school, don’t have water, orphans, and could die from a simple illness. Those children my heart breaks for. I want to help them all! But I can pray for now. I can educate others for now. I can support a couple for now. One day, though, I will go there to take care of those babies.

The average American doesn’t even know what real food is. If you’re one of those- real food grew and was alive at one time. Real food can heal from the inside out. If it comes in a box it’s most likely not real food. If it had more than 6 ingredients on the back and you don’t know what some of them are, it’s definitely not real food! I am passionate about food. I think it’s a vital necessity that we teach the next generation about nutrition through food. Did you know what doctors and nurses are not taught about nutrition in medical school? We need to show people! We need to grow it ourselves and educate our kids on how eating right can ward off illness. So I HATE Monsanto! I am anti GMO and farmed fish. When you start to research the carbon footprint of the produce even that we buy from the store- why not use farmers markets? Or grow your own! Pesticides are hurting is worse than you can imagine. Don’t get me started on flouride in our water! I urge you to do some research on this if you are unaware.

Along with nutrition for health, anyone who knows me knows I’m passionate about big pharma. Uggh!! It gets me so angry! Nearly everyone I know is on at least one prescription. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it safe! God created natural remedies for nearly everything. I know I will most likely be hated for this next statement but here goes: I believe wholeheartedly that things like cancer, ADD, Autism, ADHD, Anziety, and more are man-made illnesses. Years ago, these things were nearly non existent. People argue that they weren’t non existent but that we were just not educated on them. Listen, you can choose to educate yourself or not. All I can do is maybe encourage you to learn for yourself. Big pharma is a business. Business makes money from repeat customers. Any med you’re on has worse side effects than whatever your ailment is. Then you’ll need another med to fix the side effect. I can even go a step further and say chemicals are bad all together. Nearly every advertised hygiene product is chemical laden and will make your symptoms worse. I won’t get into any more detail because most of you wont believe me anyway. Just know that natural is always better! Hospitals are a huge blessing and they are needed.  But not the way we’re using them in America. We’ve just been conditioned to believe in a certain way of doing things. Unfortunately, it’s all a lie and it’s all about them money. Oh I can get fired up about this!

I am passionate about travel. I’m not talking about flying somewhere to stay in an all inclusive resort and flying home. I’m talking about meeting people who are different than you, embracing new cultures, and experiencing a new way of living. It enlarges your paradigm and allows you to be more empathetic and loving even. There’s a great big world out there. Go play in it!

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