Sometimes I sit and evaluate,
what will happen before i see the gate?
Will i be satisfied by what’s on my plate?
I’m not sure I’ll like the taste of what I just ate.
The one I’ve become can’t nobody appreciate.
When I speak my mind it seems to breed hate.
I have all these ideals but only one who can relate.
Step outside the box- they can’t navigate.
But my God has shown me where to gravitate.
Just a simple thought can invigorate.
But if anyone knew they’d be irate!
A life of abundance sounds so great.
A hope and a future is worth the wait.
I need the desires of my heart, it’s my fate.
I’m not living this life for you- get up to date!
He knows every hair on my head, every trait-
Influence kids, love deeply, lead, & create.
Sometimes I wonder if my “desire” is really the devil’s bait?
The one thing missing is my soul mate.
Timing is everything, is it too late?
Sometimes I sit and evaluate-
What will happen begore I see the gate?

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