Can a Racist Be a Christian?


Someone said yesterday “Can a racist be a Christian?” My initial response was yes. Yes, because we all fall short of the glory of God and we are all flawed. As I continued to meditate on this topic I have discovered many things in which I feel empowered to share. I know some of my statements will be cause for much controversy but know that these are my opinions and you are also entitled to yours.


The reason that this topic resonates so deeply within me is because of this. There are my children. Malachi and Noah are my heart living outside of my body. My reason for living. My pride and joy. They are two amazing, empathetic, giving, loving boys. They are also black. Well, half black but what’s the difference because to everyone else they are black. I grew up in a small community where racism is pretty much the norm. So is Catholicism. I knew from deep within, at a young age, that there was something flawed in the views of those around me. I just didn’t know how or why and I certainly would have never said that these people whom I loved so dearly, who influenced my life from birth, and impacted my paradigm forever could not be Christians. God says we are not to judge and that we will be judged to the degree in which we judge others. Click to see the verse here.


There are over one billion people in the world who believe the Catholic church will save them. They also believe they are Christians. Most of them don’t understand the consequences of praying to Mary and all of the saints. As opposed to praying to God in Jesus’ name. Most believe they can go to a confessional and be forgiven by another man with 15 Hail Mary’s. Also, most of them are good people who have basically been deceived. Still, because of their blind faith placed in the wrong place, scripture says they cannot enter the kingdom of God. The pope said that “A personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous.” This is completely contrary to what the word says. Yet, Catholics have been deceived and truly don’t know it.


What are the chances for a person who is racist, and holds prejudice views against others, breeding hate? This is the opposite of love. A racist person’s views conflict with so many teachings of Christianity. For a moment, imagine yourself in the shoes of a black person. You are the same exact person inside but your skin color changed. You are in a racist society. I’s probably the worse scenario one could endure: hate, fear, injustice. You are only seen for how you look instead of for the person you are. Thank God for those who have embraced all people as equal.


Just think, The United States was founded on “Christians” who, as a mass majority, embraced slavery. Racism is more than a sin. It is a way of life. It is a mental illness based on hate. The 2nd greatest commandment is to love thy neighbor as thyself. The 2nd commandment by God! The creator of the universe and ALL people. Can a racist (black, white, or other) ever accomplish this? Could they be Christian, a believer, or be saved? The KKK claims Christianity. Are they Christians?


Phil Robertson, from the show Duck Dynasty, which made rating history as the most watched show on television ever, constantly quotes scripture and claims Christianity. He has endless followers who follow his philosophies and enjoy his show. Phil considers himself a devout Christian yet he claims black people were happier before the Civil Rights Movement. Read the story here. Isn’t it amazing to think about how many loved this popular Christian show?


Barbara Bush was a Christian right? Did you ever take the time to find out where she came from? Her father was Aleister Crowley, who was the closest human to the devil himself. Self acclaimed, “Beast 666”. All I keep thinking is how in the world did we allow this blood line to lead our country? Not once but twice! The media would have an absolute field day if that were Michelle Obama’s father. But, like so many other things in our government, it was so conveniently kept quiet.


My point is, as a society, we have a perverted idea of what a Christian is. Satan has been extremely busy deception the minds of people. So we have to be very close in our personal relationship with Christ or we too could be easily lead down a wrong path, believing we’re Christians. Then thinking innocently that just because we didn’t know everything we will be ok. We can justify our ignorance. The Bible says very few will enter the kingdom of God. If few enter, then there’s many more than quite a few who will not. Should you choose to embrace racism/hate towards others, when it is so clearly Jesus’ number one teaching, then you are choosing a path contradictory to Christianity. Racists cannot be Christians.

This is the perfect video to sum it up! Please take 5 minutes to watch. Click here to view Diet Racism

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7 thoughts on “Can a Racist Be a Christian?”

  1. Wow! I can’t believe these facts are true! Even more, I can’t believe I was so unaware! Thank you for the information as well as such a thought provoking blog topic. I believe everyone has the possibility to be a Christian and become saved. However, everyone will not be. Meaning, some will never change because has been destined to be so. I pray there is a way to change an individual’s mind set away from believing he is superior because of race as opposed to the content of his or her character. Still, I’ve never known a racist to ever part from there prejudices that dwell within them. Unfortunately hate, fear, and ignorance is a deadly combination that has destroyed many souls. There are good African Americans and not so good ones. Just as there are good Caucasians and bad ones. Every race and gender has they’re good and bad apples.
    That’s why the only way to win against ignorance is to treat person according to that specific individual. Not their color, or gender.
    It seems like common sense. But racism will blind anyone’s common sense weather White or Black, there destined to be blind!

    1. Thank you so much that you took the time to comment! I thought no one really cared about this post. It means a lot that I was able to teach you something new. I wish more than anything that racism didn’t exist but unfortunately it does. We just need to pray for those it exists in. Hate, fear, and ignorance is s very deadly combination!!

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