Are You Spending Enough Time with Your Kids?

I try to ask my kids probing questions on a regular basis. The other morning, waiting for the bus, I asked Malachi “What’s your favorite thing that you’ve ever done?” Keep in mind that I have taken my kids on plenty of amazing road trips and vacations and cool things all over the country. His reply though, “That time during game night when we played Monopoly and I won.” Yup. I was shocked too.

So how much time do we really spend with our kids? I’m not talking about you watching TV in different rooms. Or them being on video games while you work. Do you have family meals together? Studies show that parents are spending less and less time with their offspring. Yet, it is so very important to their well-being to get that from you. Something simple like implementing a family game night could change everything. Asking open-ended questions every chance you get. And really listen to their answers.

We have the kids pick a game. I usually make pop corn or some other snack and tea or hot chocolate are staples for us too. We set aside an hour  but it usually ends up lasting longer. Those couple of hours are filled with laughter. We’re making memories the kids will never forget and it doesn’t cost a cent! Moms, make it a goal to do something with your children in which you devote 100% of your attention to them tonight!



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