Oil Pulling Results Shocked My Dentist!

I am a little embarrassed to admit this but it’s been at least 12 years since I’ve been to the dentist. For a long time I didn’t have insurance and, to be honest, I hate the dentist so I just didn’t go. When I was a kid I had my regular cleanings. My brother, who never properly cared for his teeth, never had cavities! I mean NEVER. I, on the other hand, have never had one single appointment in which I did not have a cavity. Most times I had 2-3 every six months. I have always been a 3 time a day brusher and I actually floss. I couple years ago, I started reading a lot about oil pulling. At first I was completely convinced there was no way the claims could be true. But I figured I didn’t have anything to lose so I gave it a try and purchased my first jar of coconut oil. When I started, one of my bottom teeth hurt so bad. It was even a little wiggly. No, I’m not kidding. After a couple of months that tooth quit hurting and my mouth felt so awesome that some days I didn’t even brush. My breath is always fresher and my teeth started getting whiter and whiter. I guess that’s why I never quit. I just didn’t write about it or tell many people because I had no actual proof that it was working.


Today, I had my first dentist appointment in years. I was told they could not do a cleaning today since it’s been so long they needed to do x-rays and an extensive check up and we’d go from there. They even made me watch a video on periodontal disease and kindly let me know that I most likely would need to be treated for this. When I arrived, I was shocked that they even knew what oil pulling was, but they did and also wrote it on my chart. The dentist himself asked me how long I do it and I told him 20 min every morning. It’s been my routine for almost 2 years now. I was in there for an hour and a half as the tech announced numbers, letters, and a bunch of medical terms that mean nothing to me. I asked if they were going to explain all of this to me. They were great. They did explain in detail. The results are still a shock to me. I do not even have one single cavity! Not only that, but the dentist told me that my teeth look better than the average person who visits on a biyearly basis. They said there’s absolutely no plaque or build up on any of my teeth which is apparently unheard of. Also, the color my teeth could not even be measured on their “whiteness chart” (sorry I don’t know what this is called) because they are too white! The tech told me that I should just keep doing what I’m doing because it’s obviously working. I am elated! I have proof now that oil pulling works! Now the world needs to know it.


Wikipedia reads, “Oil pulling or oil swishing is a folk remedy where oil is “swished” (kavala graha) or “held” (snigda gandoosha) in the mouth. Practitioners of oil pulling claim it is capable of improving oral and systemic health, including a benefit in conditions such as headaches, migraines, diabetes mellitus, asthma, and acne, as well as whitening teeth. Its promoters claim it works by “pulling out” toxins, which are known as ama in Ayurvedic medicine, and thereby reducing inflammation.”

Here’s how you do it. I will also include some more links so that you can read more about it if you want to. I use coconut oil. You can use olive oil, sesame oil, or any kind really but coconut oil tastes the best, I think, and this type will naturally whiten your teeth. Plus, I use coconut oil for so many things now that it’s always around my house. (I will post more on other uses for coconut oil later.) Just take a spoonful into your mouth. Give it a second, it’ll melt into a liquid. Then swish it between your teeth. If your jaw hurts you’re doing it too hard. Do this for 20 minutes. The important part is that you MUST do this first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything. You will feel the oil getting thicker as you swish. This is the toxins being pulled out from your gums. After 20 minutes (no longer because you don’t want the toxins to go back in) spit it in the trash. Not down the drain! You’ll clog your drain. You also don’t want to swallow it because it’s chuck full of nasty toxins. Get them out of your body. Just so you don’t feel overwhelmed know that when I started I had to melt the oil first and drink it in instead of using a spoon. I also could not do it 20 minutes so I started with 5 and worked my way up. My morning routine now includes oil pulling. My mouth just feels better. I still brush but not every day. I actually hate when I cannot do this. I will most likely do it for the rest of my life. After I spit it our I drink a glass of warm lemon water. (I’ll probably do a blog on this someday soon too.) All before my first mug of coffee. I promise you, these two morning rituals have done a world of good for my health and I swear by them.


Below is a list of some of the most common conditions people have reported that respond to oil pulling: This list is from oilpulling.com. You can also fin several testimonies here by clicking the link.

Back and Neck Pain
Bad Breath
Chronic Fatigue
Crohn’s Disease
Dental Cavities
Migraine Headaches
Mucous Congestion
Peptic Ulcers
Periodontal Disease
Bleeding Gums
Tooth Abscess
Adult Respiratory Distress
Syndrome (ARDS) Atherosclerosis Blood Disorders Brain Abscess Cancer Emphysema
Gallbladder Disease
Heart Disease
Kidney Disease
Liver Disease
Nerve Disorders
Paget’s Disease
Preterm/Low Birth Weight Babies
Psychotic Episodes
Toxic Shock Syndrome
Many types of Infectious Disease

You can decided for yourself but as for me I now know for a fact that it works! If it’s done this much good for my teeth I’m no longer doubting that it is perhaps healing or preventing other ailments in my body. Give it a try or comment below if you’ve already tried. Please let my readers know what you think about oil pulling.

Here’s a couple of links with additional info to get you started:

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Journaling Benefits Me: If You Don’t Like It Don’t Read It!



Yesterday’s post, It’s Simple yet so Hard, got an overwhelming 226 views in one day! I have figured out that you are not interested in my educational posts nearly as much as your interested in reading the personal, heart-felt, true accounts of my life. This is hard for me. I have never been good at expressing my deepest thoughts with others. In addition to all of the traffic that my blog received the past two days, my personal life has also received a lot of traffic. It began when I woke up to my father pounding on my door. My mom had read the blog post to him and to say he was angry is an understatement. Before he left, he let me know that if Malachi (my son) is old enough to see his dad then he’s old enough to know exactly how he feels about his dad. My father also let me know that posting personal things online is not something he approves of. When asked what he thought of my Can a Racist be a Christian  post his response was “It was alright.” Not too much later I received a text message with no kind words from my mom.


After my dad left, I went on Facebook. I was shocked by all of the extremely supportive comments along with personal messages from strangers, acquaintances, and friends. It really was encouraging to know that I am not completely crazy because I’m considering allowing this relationship between my son and his biodad take place. There was also a not-so-encouraging private message from my husband’s ex-wife. Because of all the attention to my blog she must have decided to read it too.  But she found Woes of a Lonely Step Mom. Although I don’t think I’ve written anything to slander her, I received a quite lengthy message telling me many things she disagrees with. She also sent my husband messages telling him he shouldn’t allow this blog, that I’m obviously unhappy, and the only reason he isn’t divorcing me is because he’s afraid. My husband came home from work early also stressed out. I later went for a drive and spoke to a friend for quite a while. As she explained her life story to me and how it affected her, I decided that I am making the right choice for my son no matter what my family thinks.


What I learned from my last post is that there really are supportive people out there, I am doing the right thing, and people in my life are very unhappy with this blog like they are with almost everything else I do.  What I want to make clear is that I will be pursuing this whether you agree or not. As I said before, expressing myself to others has always been extremely difficult for me. Expressing myself, however, is not so much. I have always kept journals. Always. The first one I found was from 2nd grade. I have one right now on my night stand. I pulled the tote out today to look through them for inspiration for a new blog. I ended up looking through them for a few hours. This tote has been the one  and only item that has travelled with me to my 8 residences in 3 different states. It is my life. I have documents of everything that has occurred in my life. Some of which I don’t even remember. Will Self said, “The short-term memory only retains information for 3 minutes; unless it’s committed to paper you can lose an idea forever.” I have always enjoyed writing. It was very cool looking back at these and seeing things I’ve overcome and especially how much I’ve grown. Also, in most of them I have included a list of goals. I am absolutely amazed that I have met most of them! I still can’t believe that.

A psychological professor at Dominican University in CA, Gail Matthews, did a study on goal-setting with 267 participants. She concluded that people are 42% more likely to achieve their goals simply by writing them down! Wow. I have personally learned that every single dream you have or goal you set will encounter resistance. People have something to say about everything. You need to stay focused on the goal and not the resistance. Whatever you feed will grow. Writing your goals down can help you to feed the goal not the resistance.

There are many, many benefits to journaling (and blogging). Some of my favorites are as follows:

  • It enables you to celebrate your progress
  • Writing requires you to think out the “why’s” and “hows” so you naturally think on a deeper level
  • Proves we’ve solved problems in the past
  • We naturally articulate the next steps since it’s difficult to look back without looking forward. When we journal we’re forced to look forward so the next step becomes easier to see
  • Provides accountability
  • A written account allows your story to inspire others
  • Facilitates personal growth
  • Helps create better leaders
  • Forces your creative juices to flow
  • Improves mental well-being
  • Diminishes symptoms pop depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Some studies even show it can improve your IQ

Looking through these journals has also reminded me of the fact that I have supportive friends out there. People do love me. I have grown. I have overcome a lot. I probably do have something to offer this world through my experiences. I found this letter I received when I was 15 after I tried to kill myself. I think I know who wrote it but that person, for some reason, has always denied writing it. This letter has encouraged me for years. There’s many more in addition to this one but a lot are too personal to post. If you ever write me a letter, I will have it forever.


Writing a blog and/or a book has been a lifetime goal for me. I’m not sure I have anything valid to offer my readers but because it’s a goal, I am doing it. I have loved doing it. I will continue to be open and honest. Even though yesterday I was extremely discouraged and felt like quitting I view this as everything else in my life. This is something that is important to me and from this day forward, I will be doing what’s best for me in my life and what God asks. From this day forward, you can give me your opinion but I will ultimately be listening to my heart. I am strong. I am capable. I am able to make my own decisions and do what’s best for my life. I am not that unstable little girl anymore. Either you will accept me or you won’t. But I will not be changing me so that you can be happy. I have set up my little office. I plan to spend more time in here. Thanks for reading.


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It’s Simple yet so Hard

I’m not sure why I feel compelled to write about this tonight as I have spent so many years trying to hide my past and feel “normal” like everyone else, but I am ready. Complete transparency seems to be what people want and really what’s the point in being fake? There’s too much of that in the world.

I had my oldest son before I was married. Okay, okay so a lot of people have kids while they’re not married. I was 25 and although unstable I was capable of being a mom. But here’s what I never get a chance to say. It wasn’t just a one night stand. I was dating his father on and off for three years before we got pregnant. I loved him the best way I knew how to love someone. I was young and immature, and flying the world, and living the life of the party, but I loved him. I was on birth control and I guess I just expected it to work. It didn’t. Where I grew up, if you got pregnant you got married and then everyone just pretended like it happened after you said the vows. I also are up where nearly everyone is catholic and very pro life. So because of my paradigm and the fact that I loved him- I couldn’t have prepared myself for what really happened. I was already terrified. But I thought once I told him we’d figure it out. Well, when I told him he yelled at me. This man that I was so in love with told me that I needed to get an abortion. He told me that if I didn’t he’d leave me. I didn’t really know God at that point in my life but I knew I wasn’t getting an abortion.


The pregnancy was a whirlwind of emotions. I was living in Arizona at the time and I lost my job and had to move back to Michigan with my parents. That alone was humiliating. I had no money. I started waitressing in that little town and those wonderful pro-life “christians” were the first to judge me. I could feel the glares from my left hand to my belly and back again. I was dealing with a lot but what I was dealing with mostly was Jesus. I found him during that pregnancy and I began to read the Bible and go to church and Bible study. I was so angry because of what happened. I was completely alone. God began dealing with me about that. Forgiveness is one of the first things I learned about as a new christian. I learned that I needed to forgive more for myself than for him. That being resentful was like drinking poison and expecting the other person to suffer. I realized that he wasn’t even thinking about me. I needed to let it go so that I could move on. It took a couple years but during the 9 months of the pregnancy (well, 8 since he was a premie) – I prayed for my son’s father every single day. Eventually, the feelings of resentment and hate and bitterness turned to feelings of gratitude and love (Christ’s love).


What is forgiveness? Wikipedia says “Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense, lets go of negative emotions such as vengefulness, with an increased ability to wish the offender well.” Jesus says we must forgive to be forgiven. He who is without sin must cast the first stone. Mother Theresa said “If we really want to love we must first learn to forgive.” Mahatma Gandhi said, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Martin Luther King Jr. preached, “Let no man pull you low enough to hate him.” I realize forgiveness does not mean you just let a person continue to hurt you or just fail to recognize the wrong. I am always so inspired when I read about ultimate stories of forgiveness like the Amish community in Lancaster who actually attended the shooter’s funeral and continued to demonstrate love to that family. Read that story here. There’s Mary Johnson who forgave her son’s murderer. You can see that story here but there are just endless stories like this. One I read was about a young girl who got pregnant as a result of rape. She ended up visiting the rapist in jail and befriending him and leading him to Christ. These accounts truly inspire me. I think because I know this is how Jesus loved us. I want to be that strong.

That opportunity presented itself recently. My son’s father has reached out and asked for an opportunity to know his son. Our son is now 9 years old. Everyone around me says things like “he doesn’t deserve it”, “there’s no way in hell!”, “this will cause divorce with your husband”, “he’s not a good example anyway” and on and on and on. I agree. He doesn’t deserve it. But my son does. He deserves to know his father. He wants to know his father so badly. He talks about him and asks about him constantly. So for all of those around me who think I’m being stupid, throwing my marriage away, making a poor choice, I ask you what about my baby? Have you ever seen statistics on fatherless children in America? This is not just an opinion. According to Children-our investment.org, homes without fathers ultimately affect children in numerous tragic ways:

* 63 percent of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
* 90 percent of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes
* 85 percent of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes
* 80 percent of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes
* 71 percent of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
* 75 percent of all adolescent patients in chemical-abuse centers come from fatherless homes
* 85 percent of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes

Maybe this doesn’t apply to my boys because of my husband who has filled the role of father for my kids the past couple of years. They also have amazing uncles and a grandfather that are male role models to be admired. And God is alive and well in my home and will be a father to the fatherless. But the fact remains that there’s still going to be a void from not knowing where he comes from. His biological father is wanting to be in the picture and I want to give him that chance. What’s the worse that could happen? God says love is seeing the best in every person. I know where I came from. I know how God has changed me and so I know other people are capable of changing too. Forgiveness and love- not being in love, but love as Jesus loved- the principle is so simple yet it’s just so hard.


I would absolutely appreciate any input into this especially if you have faced grown up without a father or can relate to any of my story. Should I allow this relationship the chance to flourish? Or should I say sorry you screwed up and lost your chance? Please, please comment!

What About Predestination?

I was thinking today about the choices I’ve made in my life. I’m wondering  why I’m so generally dissatisfied with the present yet I have this overwhelming inner knowing that there is this huge plan for my life. I am 34 years old. I had a child out of wedlock, I have been divorced, I have attempted suicide numerous times as teen unsuccessfully. There was a point in which I was so mentally unstable that I am certain I was a burden to everyone in my life. I have essentially chosen wrong when faced with every major decision along the way. Or have I?


I’ve heard of this “predestination” but I guess I never really gave it too much thought. Then, during my devotions I ran across this verse in John 15:16 that says “You didn’t choose me, I chose you.” What does that mean? I thought I made the choice because whosoever calls on his name shall be saved right? (Acts 2:21) I started to do some studying today. The word “predestination” comes from the Greek word “proorivzw”. It’s in the New Testament six times. In Acts 4:28, Romans 8:29-30, 1 Corinthians 2:7, Ephesians 1:5, and Ephesians 1:11. I also found out that predestination isn’t the technical term for what I’m diving into here. It’s actually called the Doctrine of Election. If you do any of your own research you can find a ton by googling predestination vs. free will. I encourage you to do so since I am absolutely no expert on this subject.

There are only 6 passages in which the predestination word is translated in the exact way it’s meant to be but it is in so many more verses than just those. The one that really caught my attention was a phrase in Revelations 13:8 that says “everyone whose name is not written in the lamb’s book of life before the foundation of the world”. That caught me off guard and I’ve never before understood it this way which is why I’m so intrigued by this subject. If it was written before the foundation of the world it has to be predetermined doesn’t it? Matthew Henry’s Commentary says this:

8. The limitation of the devil’s power and success, and that both as to time and persons. He is limited in point of time; his reign is to continue forty-and-two months (Rev. 13:5), suitable to the other prophetical characters of the reign of antichrist. He is also limited as to the persons and people that he shall entirely subject his will and power; it will be only those whose names are not written in the Lamb’s book of life. Christ had a chosen remnant, redeemed by his blood, recorded in his book, sealed by his Spirit; and though the devil and antichrist might overcome their bodily strength, and take away their natural life, they could never conquer their souls, nor prevail with them to forsake their Saviour and revolt to his enemies.

Wow! I was chosen, hand-picked, by God himself?


There are numerous verses that tell us God hand-picked us. Here’s some of my favorites:

  • Eph 1:4-5 he chose us in him before the foundation of the world
  • Rom 8:28-30 he also predestined, called, glorified…
  • Eph 1:5 he predestined us
  • John 6:44 No one can come to me unless the father who sent me draws him
  • 2 Tim 1:9 called us to a holy calling for his own purpose of grace before the ages began
  • Prov 16:4 The Lord has made everything for his purpose even the wicked for the day of trouble
  • Col 3:12 God’s chosen ones … compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, patience
  • Mark 4:10-12 only the chosen understand
  • Eph 2:8-9 by grace you have been saved by faith but this is not your doing it’s a gift from God
  • 1 Thes 1:4 he has chosen you
  • Eph 1:9-11 predestined
  • Gal 1:15 set me apart before I was born
  • John 13:18 I know who I have chosen
  • Acts 4:28 to do whatever your hand and your plan had predestined to take place


Free will. I was taught from a young age that we have free will. It has always been the explanation for all of the bad in the world. I’m not convinced that we don’t have free will I just think that God is all-knowing and he already knows what we will choose. But why would he choose me? I’m such a failure! I haven’t done anything right! I’m probably the last person that deserves to be in Christ’s VIP line. The only explanation I found was something he told Moses. He said he will have mercy on who he has mercy on and compassion for who he has compassion for. (Rom 9:15) I hope one day he tells me. I am honored. Humbled. Undeserving. And eternally grateful. It’s funny because I think he uses the biggest screw-ups just so there’s no question that it’s God. 1 Corinthians 1:24-26 even says out of those who were called not many were wise according to the world’s standards, powerful, or of a noble birth.

The best example I thought of to explain how I believe in predetermination and in free will was while watching my sons eat dinner. I made a huge, yummy dinner, by the way but, hypothetically, if I sat in front of them a plate full of candy and a plate full of broccoli they will chose the candy. They still had free choice it’s just that I already knew what they’d pick. Neal Stephenson said “This is not of the two great labyrinths into which human minds are drawn: the question of free will verses predestination.” There’s not one Christian I know that came to Christ because they knew they were the elect few. They didn’t know that until they had already chosen Christ. I guess if you don’t believe in predestination you could easily avoid proper hermeneutics to support your beliefs but it seems pretty clear to me just after investing a couple hours to studying the topic.


I find a lot of comfort in this new discovery of mine. Maybe all of my “wrong” choices were all a part of his master plan. And my plan is yet to come. We are his workmanship created in Christ for good works which God planned beforehand. (Eph 2:10) This would also explain how he says that he will turn everything to good for his glory. Furthermore, the discontentment I feel in my everyday surroundings can be explained in a couple ways. One being this is not my home and the majority of the people surrounding me are different because they are of the world. I’ve always been the ugly duckling or the black sheep. It has made me feel inadequate, inferior, and sad. I want to be accepted like everyone else. I want desperately to be understood. But if Many are called and few are chosen (Matt 22:14)- that means many are not the chosen few and if they’re not the chosen few then they do not understand (Mark 4:10-12). John 15:19 has a whole new meaning to me tonight. It says if you were of the world the world would love you as its own but because you are not of the world- I chose you- the world hates you.

For the first time in years I see a whole world of possibilities. I think my eyes have been opened and allowed to see myself, for the first time, as God sees me. I can’t quite smiling actually. I can make peace with the divorce. I can make peace with so many things. Because, God, the creator of the universe sent Jesus to die for ME! He knew I’d screw up. He still picked me. So he’s already forgiven me. He just has compassion on me because he just does. That’s so incredible. Talk about a revelation. There is a plan and all of this junk is just part of the bigger picture. I can still walk out the plan for my life even if I took a wrong turn. God already knew which route I’d take but he’s still got my destination marked on the map. Thank you Jesus! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. God is so good.