10 Things I’d Tell The 16 Year Old Me

  1. You’re NOT fat! Even if you were, it’s irrelevant. Your body has nothing to do with your soul. Love yourself the way you are! (P.S. EAT MORE ICE CREAM… You’re metabolism rocks right now.)
  2. Sign up for more camps, trips, & adventures! These will be the experiences that shape your character and the most fond memories you have of childhood. It will also be nearly impossible to do these things when you get older. Carpe Diem! 
  3. GROW OUT YOUR BANGS! Don’t listen to your mother. Those look rediculous.
  4. Spend more time with your younger siblings. 
  5. Choose the youth groups and retreats over parties and alcohol.
  6. Alcohol is illegal until you’re 21. It doesn’t make you cool to get drunk. Pursue other hobbies and do not be sad over anyone who chooses to walk away because you do. They weren’t your real friends anyway.
  7. Those girls who are mean to you are just jealous. They’re hurting too. Be kind anyway. Don’t let it get to you.
  8. Never change any plans/goals/dreams for a boy. 
  9. You cannot truly love someone else until you love yourself. Jesus can show you how to love yourself and how to have a sound mind. Find Him!
  10. Once you figure out what it is you want to do or where you want to go, JUST DO IT! People will always ridicule your choices. No matter what you do, someone will have a problem with it. Be true to you. Consult your own heart and no one else.

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